Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Dramatic Hag haMatzot OUTATIME Signs

In the previous post I mentioned a pair of time signs that came on the first day of Hag haMatzot, indicating that I planned to give special attention to the last day of the feast to see if it, too, would be specially marked. It was! This is really exciting, even though the nature of the sign certainly tempers the excitement, from a practical perspective.

The first and last days of the feast are the high holy days. The last day, on the 21st day of the 1st month, is an anniversary of the Bride Theft, which is very much at the center of our hope! This year, the high days of the 15th and 21st fell on April 13th and 19th, beginning at sunset on the days before. Here's how the signs appeared, and what they mean to us.

On the first day of the feast I had my car in the shop. While the work was being done, I took the opportunity to go for a walk around the neighborhood. On my way back, not far from the shop I saw this car with the licence plate from the time machine in Back to the Future. OUTATIME. In Pennsylvania, only one licence plate is required, on the back, so you can do whatever you want with the front. I took this picture because, hey, who knows - it might be important to log the event.

I usually walk around my own neighborhood in the afternoon, and with that productive season of the day where I worked on video production already spent, I went for a second walk. I usually walk down the alley past the Warp Zone and return the same way, because that's how to get to the steep inclines nearby, an important part of my regular "fresh air and exercise" routine. On the alley sometimes dogs are outside, which bark like crazy, and being the case on my way out, my return was via the sidewalk on the next street over. As I neared the corner I was passed by a car hauler, which made the turn, and as I rounded the corner I could see it had pulled up in front of the Warp Zone. This was either the same truck I wrote about in another post (SIGNS: Warp Zone + Past 2 Present) with a few small changes, or one from the same fleet. Past2Present. Parked in front of the Warp Zone, where the motto reads, "Where Past Meets Present." So, I took this picture, knowing that, at this point, here was another set of time signs. Right - on returning from two walks and spotting two vehicles marked with 2 significant labels. When I understood that a post to the blog was called for, it was with the insight that it happened on the 1st day of the Feast.

Another time sign came on the last day of the Feast, but I didn't recognize it until this morning, a day later. A familiar metaphor was involved, one that I've been very focused on in my work on the Great Pyramid video series and also in my responsibility as a US citizen. Time is Money. Money is time, metaphorically. Income tax payments were due on April 18, and we just managed to cover it, but not without some sacrifice. In the bigger picture, we're actually at a deficit and the funds to cover the other bills coming due - well - we're out of money, which to say, OUTATIME. It's apparent to us that this is a time sign that marked the last day of the Feast, and beyond the strong impression in the spirit, here's some of the reasons why.

As usual, none of this was planned or thought out with regard to the schedule, it's just how things happen. The mail comes late to my apartment, so on the 19th, I waited until dinner time to see if a check might arrive, or if a sizable donation would come through PayPal. Nothing. So I called Aaron to pray about the situation, which we did. He had perceived a head's up in advance and therefore had some reserve funds, so he was going to put a check in the mail this morning, which will hopefully arrive in time for me to deposit enough to offset when rent is automatically debited. He called me this morning to let me know that the Lord engaged him again on the matter when he woke up, so he was changing the amount accordingly. He said that the familiar way he was engaged was notable, with the time showing on the clock when he was engaged being highlighted. On the phone, I shared with him how, while I was getting up and around, the Lord had been indicating to me that being out of money was a time sign, and that it marked the close of the Feast, bracketing it together with the OUTATIME sign.

I note that, in Back to the Future, when we first see the iconic Delorean with its California vanity plate, OUTATIME, it's on a car hauler. The signs of the first day of the Feast are obviously connected. Given the context, so is the sign of the last day. Vehicles sometimes represent ministries, in dreams and signs.

Here's some other points of special interest that have to do with context. After some time out in previous weeks dedicated to preparing and filing my 2016 tax returns, my attention returned more fully to the Great Pyramid video series. In this next installment, I'm sharing some insight the Lord gave me about the pyramid on the Great Seal of the US, which appears on the one dollar bill. The main insight has to do with how the pyramid is actually presented there as a time weapon of the gods, and one of the supporting layers leverages the metaphor of money-as-time. In showing how the god of the Federal Reserve and Federal government is specifically identified in its classical iconography as Jupiter, I expand a little on the context to emphasize the fact that the foundation of this country was not done in compliance with the direction given to believers in Romans 13. As part of my process, I had the first 7 verses of the chapter pasted into my document, and this block of text had been considered and shuffled around for days, up until late in the day yesterday when I finally got to the point where I integrated the relevant part into the script.

Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor. ~ Romans 13:7

Relevant? It could hardly be more relevant, because it was in the paying of tax to whom tax was due on time that we are OUTAMONEY.

So, the Feast was marked with these rather dramatic time signs, and I have to say that the most dramatic sign marked the last day, the anniversary of the Bride Theft. What do we make of it? First, I have to say that being unfunded is not what I would choose, whether it's a sign or not a sign, and I must also confess that neither Aaron nor myself would have the sense to choose anything that's truly good. But the Lord is good, truly good, and everything depends on Him, not me or Aaron. We can all take great comfort in that. We rejoice in knowing that the Lord continues to engage us in this work, prospering it in ways that are pleasing to Him and that we know will produce a maximum yield in His Harvest Field - to His glory!

Me: “But Lord, is this kind of drama really necessary?”
Him: “Yes.”
Me: “Really? Okay.”

Very recently, The Bride Theft, was the subject of another video in the series Aaron and I have been producing and publishing, with mp3 of the soundtrack. It just happened to be uploaded on the 1st day of the 1st month of this new year on the Lord's calendar. With the marking of the anniversary of the Bride Theft with OUTAMONEY, matching to OUTATIME, a statement appears to be made about time having run out. Because of our hope of being found worthy of inclusion in the Bride company, and our knowledge that the Bride's time in this body of flesh will end in that resurrection/transformation event, we take this season's timely time signs as real encouragement! Without more insight, we have nothing to add to that observation, no conclusion to offer about any further interpretation. With the Lord's help, we'll keep watching until we're done. We know there's a reset of time coming, and this is constantly being emphasized to us with time signs like this distinctive "Back to the Future" (which depends upon first returning back to the past) sign, but when it will be, well, we just know that we don't know.

In closing, some commentary is called for. If the Lord is tugging on your holy spirit and you're not just responding to learning of our need with what amounts to your natural compassion, and there is a big difference, please pray about the Lord's intended provision for us and for everyone who supports us with prayer and encouragement and funding. If the Lord does so inspire, pray also for our health and strength to endure and for the protection of all we have been given the responsibility to steward. We do so appreciate our supporters, who support this work and us, the workers, and we know that the Lord blesses what is truly done in obedience to Him, which is the sincere expression of love for Him.

Blessings in Y'shua!

Bob (and Aaron)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

"Easter"? "Resurrection Sunday"? No. Wavesheaf Day! Omer 1

Today is "Wavesheaf Day" on the Lord's calendar, the first count in the Omer toward Shavuot. You may have noticed how we didn't announce the beginning of Aviv (March 30), or, of the Hag haMatzot (April 13), for that matter. In this season, when we know the prophetic timeline has been very substantially skewed, our manner of watching is less focused on the calendar. Even still, I did receive a related pair of time signs on Thursday, which was the first day of Hag haMatzot, so I do plan to give special attention to the last day of the feast (Wednesday the 19th) to see if it too is specially marked. That's an anniversary of the day appointed for the Bride Theft!

For many years we gave special attention to the annual watch day that is the 13th day of the first month (April 11), but not this year. Over many years of watching, knowing both what to watch for and when to watch for it, we saw what was necessary for us to have the confidence we needed. The Lawless One will be revealed on schedule. The Lord will come for His Bride on schedule. His amazing plan is working out just as it must. We marvel at the Lord's attentiveness to us, of His loving care and provision for us. This is an extraordinary season for salvation and the Lord of the Harvest continues to watch so beautifully over His beloved.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Pope Francis' Journey to Egypt - Decoding the Official Imagery

In this season where we're so focused on what the Lord is revealing about the function and role of the Great Pyramid and its supplemental technologies, the Pope is going there on an "apostolic journey." The trip is planned for April 28 and 29. The official logo, as typical of such, is revealing.

Official logo for Pope Francis' visit to Egypt

When you read, “Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace,” you should understand that this must be interpreted in connection with the imagery, which is Occult. This is an evocation of Isis and we believe it has to do with time magic and warfare.

On the SRA Satanic liturgical calendar, which is always taken into account by pagan priesthoods, the Pope will conduct this journey in the season of the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast, which begins with fire sacrifice on April 19 and lasts for 13 days, extending through May 2. More specifically, the visit is scheduled during the Grand Climax, which runs from April 26 through May 1. These are High Days to Pagans. The Pope will presumably return to the Vatican in time for the greatest Witches Sabbat, Walpurgisnacht, followed by May Day, Walpurgis and Beltane.

Let's decode this official image and expose the magick ritual beginning with the dove, which is the ancient symbol of the goddess Aphrodite. Call her the Virgin Mary, or Our Lady of Peace, or by one of her many other names. In Egypt, she is known as Isis, but also as Hathor, Heqet, Bastet, and so on. Its no secret that Pope Francis is devoted to the goddess, and that he's devoted the entire world to her.

The crescent moon and cross supports this by uniting the X and O, which establishes the throne of stone, the celestial throne of the goddess, as Kenneth Grant of the OTO has revealed. This potent form places the intersection on the circumference of the circle. Associated with the union of the X and O is a flashing of lightning from the Abyss, which appears as the jagged yellow streak that is central to the image.

The X and O presents a form of the quartered or squared circle known as a magic circle, with the cardinal directions symbolizing this space-time domain.

One of the symbolic layers of the cross is that it echos the form of the pyramid.

Sex magick is evident because the X is male and the O is female, and this is featured as Isis magically impregnates herself and raises her dead husband, Osiris, into Horus. As the legend goes, Set killed Osiris, chopped him into 14 pieces and scattered them in the Nile. Isis collected 13 but had to make a replacement for the missing phallus, which had been eaten by a fish. The Pope, as Osiris-Horus, is pictured rising out of the waters of the Nile, raised by Isis. He is the steward and representative of the phallus of Osiris, which sits in the center of St. Peter's Square at the Vatican. That obelisk formerly stood in Heliopolis, which is on the outskirts of Cairo opposite the Giza Plateau.

Every true obelisk has a pyramid (ben ben) as its capstone. The picture of the dove over the pyramid suggests this ancient image of the sex magick resurrection ritual. See the dove over the pyramid (glans penis of phallic obelisk) as Isis hovering over the erect phallus of Osiris (Pope Francis).

Extending the sex magick into the powerful realm of sodomy, we all know what statues look like when they have been outdoors for a while. They get a coating of bird dung. The Sphinx is such a statue, and it is specifically associated with the sphincter, for an obvious connection with dung. In the imagery of the Papal journey, the dove flies overhead - so look out below! There would also be dung on the pyramid or capstone of the obelisk and phallus. Making this symbolism redundant, the moon is a butt symbol. We're being mooned, right there. The stylized version of the cross suggests the phallic form at each end. Two ends penetrate the moon, so acts of sodomy are pictured.

While we're on the subject of the moon and the cross, the official story goes like this. “The Cross and Crescent Moon at the center of the logo represent the coexistence between the various components of the Egyptian people.” Well, there's the components of the phallus and butt, of course, yet, we see in this the union of the Vatican's sun cross, that has signified the sun god from ancient times, with the crescent moon, that has signified the moon god and goddess. The official story offers more insight into the moon and cross symbolism by identifying the "Abrahamic" religions. “A white dove signifies peace, which is both the highest gift to which every human being can aspire and the greeting of monotheistic religions.” This imagery and coded language is an expression of syncretism and ecumenism, beyond what appears on the surface. This is the great work of the goddess, “Queen of All,” who draws all to herself as one toward the end of presenting them to the antichrist. This is also the work of the biblical False Prophet, who will be a Pope, we believe, Pope Benedict.

Another infamous sodomite high priest and magician, Aleister Crowley, must be given consideration because reference is surely being made to his work. He spent time in Egypt, engaging in sodomy and black magick ritual with Victor Neuberg in the Sahara outside Cairo. He famously performed black magick ritual inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid while honeymooning with his wife Rose Edith in 1903. It was during scheduled visits to the King's Chamber in April, 1904, that he received the influential "book of the law," which was dictated to him by the messenger of Horus (Aiwass).

We read the following from Chapter 3 of that book.

1. Abrahadabra; the reward of Ra Hoor Khut.
2. There is division hither homeward; there is a word not known. Spelling is defunct; all is not aught. Beware! Hold! Raise the spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit!
3. Now let it be first understood that I am a god of War and of Vengeance. I shall deal hardly with them.
4. Choose ye an island!
5. Fortify it!
6. Dung it about with enginery of war!
7. I will give you a war-engine.
8. With it ye shall smite the peoples; and none shall stand before you.
9. Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! this is the Law of the Battle of Conquest: thus shall my worship be about my secret house.

This is the foundation of the wildly influential religion of Thelema. At the root of it is conquest, war, and the raising of the spell of a god of war and vengeance.

As stated earlier, Crowley received the revelation from the messenger of Horus. Ra Hoor Khut and Ra-Hoor-Khuit are associated with Horus, like also, Heru-ra-ha. The moon and the sun cross iconography in the imagery of the Pope's journey is actually considered by magicians to be the secret sigil of the beast.

(Wikipedia) offers this observation.

The Cry of the First Aethyr in Crowley's Liber 418 presents Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child, as the union of many opposites. It is a little child covered with lilies and roses. He is supported by countless myriads of Archangels. The Archangels are all the same colourless brilliance, and every one of them is blind. Below the Archangels again are many, many other legions, and so on far below, so far that the eye cannot pierce. And on his forehead, and on his heart, and in his hand, is the secret sigil of the Beast. (fn: Sun and moon conjoined) And of all this the glory is so great that all the spiritual senses fail, and their reflections in the body fail.

See the sun and moon conjoined as the secret sigil of the Beast. See Pope Francis as the High priest of the ancient Sun Cult, being identified to us as Nodens, god of the Abyss, and Osiris and Horus. He's a sorcerer and warlock who is raising the spell of a god of war and vengeance. Gesturing with his ring-of-power-wearing hand, he casts this spell into the universe.

We see this war spell as time magick because he's pictured as a time god rising from the river of time. Study his form in the image. Think about what you're looking at. This scene closely parallels a function and role of the Great Pyramid!

In a post and video decoding another official image from the Vatican, (Decoding: The Jubilee Year of Mercy Logo - The Vatican's Dark Secrets), we identified an explicit reference to the ancient Pyramid texts.

The following is from Samuel Mercer's translation of Utterance 364, lines 609b-610d and 614b,c.

609b Horus comes; he reclaims thee from the gods. Horus has loved thee,
609c he has equipped thee with his eye; Horus has adapted to thee his eye.
610a Horus has opened for thee thine eye that thou mayest see with it.
610b The gods have bound to thee thy face; they have loved thee.
610c Isis and Nephthys have healed thee.
610d Horus is not far from thee; thou art his ka.
614b. Horus has given thee his eye, the hard (one);
614c. (he) has placed it to thee (i.e. in thy hand), that thou mayest be strong, and that all thine enemies may fear thee.

The expression, “that all thine enemies may fear thee,” should not be taken lightly. Spiritual warfare has been trending lately as a theme and in the recently released promotional imagery from the Egyptian Catholic Church we perceive a focus on war, specifically, war in the heavens being waged by angels/gods/demons.

What we know as the Sphinx is, in Arabic, known as Abu al-Hawl, 'The Father of Terror.' Cairo’s official name is al-Qahirah, or, al-Qahir, which means, “Place or Camp of Mars.” Who is Mars but the god of war! Cairo is also called, “the Vanquisher“; “the Conqueror“; “the Victorious” or, “the Strong.” The Egyptian name for Cairo is said to be: Khere-Ohe, meaning: “The Place of Combat,” with reference to a battle or contest that took place between Set and Horus." Are you familiar with, "The Contendings of Horus and Seth"? You probably should be. It's very relevant.

Compare the decoded imagery to the title, “Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace.”

With his gesture of "blessing" he's releasing the dove over the Giza plateau. This isn't a gesture of peace. Flip that. This bird of the air is a demon, in biblical symbol. Pope Francis is pictured casting a spell that is the curse of war!

We believe the Great Pyramid is a weapon of vast capabilities, and it appears in the image to the right of the Father of Terror. Apparently, an old Arab proverb goes like this. “Men fear time but time fears the pyramids.” It's an expression of how the pyramids are so ancient that they might outlast time itself, besting it in a contest of endurance. But perhaps it conceals something more profound, speaking to its function as a sophisticated and fearsome time or anti-time weapon.

Pope of Peace?

13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds. ~ 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

“Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace.”

13 “For from the least of them even to the greatest of them,
Everyone is greedy for gain,
And from the prophet even to the priest
Everyone deals falsely.
14 “They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially,
Saying, ‘Peace, peace,’
But there is no peace.
15 “Were they ashamed because of the abomination they have done?
They were not even ashamed at all;
They did not even know how to blush.
Therefore they shall fall among those who fall;
At the time that I punish them,
They shall be cast down,” says the Lord.
~ Jeremiah 6:13-15 (See also Jeremiah 8:10-12)

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Northern Ohio Supermarket Flies the Banner of PizzaGate/Ice-CreamGate Solidarity

While most folks see such a display as the one pictured below and make nothing of it, it's not without meaning.

An alert reader near Cleveland saw that in her local grocery store and sent us the picture. Rainbow pops, Junior cream pops, Spongebob push up pops, and fudge pops. It's a branch of the same Giant Eagle grocery chain we featured in this post, Western Pennsylvania Supermarket Flies the Banner of Pizzagate Solidarity.

While we can't speak to what the people who were responsible for those displays had in mind, we shouldn't be naive about the matter. Linking ping pong, pizza, and ice cream together is the expression of the code language brought to light by Pizzagate, which spawned what's called icecreamgate, hotdoggate and donutgate. When you find that these items are being linked together and especially with ping pong the intent should always be suspect. To the Occultists, the Illumined, this is code for activities that are criminal and immoral.

If you want to know what it means, we recommend a series of videos where we explore how it's presented in media. We think Katy Perry's music video and song, "This is How We Do," presents the most vivid illustration of the pizza, ping pong and ice cream code.

Pizza Esoterica - Pizzagate or The Pizza Gate? Pizza Code in Media (Playlist)

We've paused the production of this series because another subject demands our attention but we do anticipate the production of more pizzagate installments. Lord willing.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Great Pyramid - Part 2 - Resonant Systems in Science, Magick and Religion

The second video in the series has just been published. The full title of the series is, The Great Pyramid - A Weapon of Note in Extradimensional Warfare, and it is subtitled, The Science+Magic Technologies of Angel Wars in the Heavenlies.

The Great Pyramid - Part 2 - Resonant Systems in Science, Magick and Religion

Below is the link for the "YouTube-ified" version. This version is somewhat *decontented* compared to the version linked above.

The Great Pyramid - Part 2 - Resonant Systems in Science, Magick and Religion

We explore the physics of the Great Pyramid's probable operation in the natural realm and also in the supernatural realm - as a weapon and as a collector of subtle energies. We introduce examples of the operational principles from the book of Romans. It may be seen that the secrets of heaven are expertly exploited by the enemies of the One who gave that revelation to the Apostle Paul.

The Hermetic Maxim, is stated very simply in the expression, As Above, So Below. The reality we can see in this natural realm is like a mirrored reflection of the reality we cannot see. So it is with the Great Pyramid, which mirrors what we cannot see with each dimensional analog. If you've been following the Open Scroll Blog for a while, you are aware that we're very keen on decoding symbols, exposing them and the schemes of those responsible for them. Symbols have meaning, and they have power. In hundreds of detailed posts and videos, we've demonstrated how they are very diverse, appearing in more and less tangible ways. Symbols may involve expressions of color, geometrical shapes or numbers, sounds, words, gestures or even a series of related actions. The Great Pyramid must be considered as a symbol. It's a symbolic representation of every thing identified by a dimensional analog, which is to say, where some ratio or measure expresses knowledge about the systems pertaining to the monument's environment. The principles that apply to symbols apply to the very universal symbol that is the Great Pyramid. There is a sense in which we are decoding the Great Pyramid like a symbol. Its design, its location, and even its alignment bears silent testimony about its meaning and context, its function, role, and purpose.

For if we have become united with Him in the likeness of His death, certainly we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection. ~ Romans 6:5

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Great Pyramid - A Weapon of Note in Extradimensional Warfare

We've just published another video, the first in a new series. The time has come to turn our attention back to the function and role of the Great Pyramid. We're not expecting many installments (and we do hope to add more installments to the "ongoing" Pizza Esoterica and Time Travel collections), but this is an important and timely subject.

The Great Pyramid - A Weapon of Note in Extradimensional Warfare - Part 1 - The Lake House and the Arkish Butt Eye that can Fight

Last year, while I was decoding the occult symbolism of a film from 2006, The Lake House, it became apparent that the Great Pyramid was being distinctly connected with the Ark of the Covenant. We gave this some attention in a video series but there was so much more to be said about the Great Pyramid that wasn't germane to the series, so we set it aside. Several weeks ago, the Lord indicated that it was time to pick it up again, and we've been focused on this ever since.

Because we're branching off the earlier work, it makes sense to begin this Great Pyramid series with that foundational installment, which is Part 7 of, "The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming." As you watch this slightly adapted version, you may find that you'll want to become familiar with Parts 4, 5 and 6, which also deal with The Lake House and demonstrate why this film should be taken seriously.

Here's the "YouTube-ified" version *decontented* somewhat compared to the version linked above.

We hope to follow this up by publishing the next installment within another week or so. Please pray as led about this. Your support is so necessary and appreciated!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pope Francis - Illuminati Initiation, BoyLove and Goddess Enchantments

It's been announced that Pope Francis is making an Apostolic Journey to Columbia. The Vatican's official logo and motto betrays it as yet another mass ritual tribute and evocation of the goddess.

We recently exposed the Occultism in the promotion of his planned trip to celebrate the centennial in Fátima, Portugal (The Pope Francis Kind of Love), and the Vatican continues to extend the ritual with more Goddess enchantments.

While the trip to Fátima is very easily seen as expressly intended to honor the Goddess in her guise as Our Lady of Fátima, some will not so readily identify his trip to Columbia as accomplishing the same purpose. In America, our national goddess is known by the name we use to identify that country, as Columbia, as in the District of Columbia. She's also called Liberty, or Freedom, in the national context. (See, Our Lady of the Nations) The Virgin de Chiquinquirá is the patroness saint of Colombia, who is called Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquirá. Chiquinquirá is a major point of religious pilgrimage. "Our Lady" is understood to be the Virgin Mary, like all the other goddess versions venerated/worshiped by the Catholics.

Wikipedia: “Catholicism was the official religion of the country from the Spanish colonization until the 1991 constitutional reform (National Constituent Assembly), and Catholicism is still the main religion in Colombia by number of adherents, with an estimated 75% of the national population in nominal Catholicism, from which about 25% are practicing Catholics. ... Colombia is often referred as the "Country of the Sacred Heart", due to the annual consecration of the country to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a Te Deum directed by the president of the republic. Colombia has been re-consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 2008, in a country-wide ceremony celebrated by the main bishops and with the presence of the Colombian president (also a Catholic).”

The main difference between America and Columbia seems to be in how Columbia openly venerates and exalts the ancient god and goddess whose worship is centralized at the Vatican while America pretends otherwise.

The Vatican is somewhat open about their worship of the goddess but, well, they're really not. They don't call it worship but rather adoration or veneration, pretending that it's something else altogether in the same way they claim their graven images and idols are not really graven images and idols.

They're also not really open about the way they exalt and evoke the Goddess as a priesthood of witches and magicians in their practice of the Occult arts. Case in point. The pre-Columbian icon is obviously a pagan religious image. One of the fundamental symbols unites the forms of the cross and circle, which we highlight in this version with white lines crossing through the center of the circle. We'll take this opportunity to recall some observations made by the influential Occultist of the OTO, Kenneth Grant. From his book titled, "Aleister Crowley and The Hidden God":

“There is a legend known to Initiates concerning the secret abode of the Goddess: The Spirit of Nodens - God of the Great Deep - flashed forth as lightning from the depths and formed a throne in celestial realms - a seat of stone - whereon the Goddess was established. She ruled from the throne of stone which Nodens had fashioned, and about her the temple of Nu-Isis grew into being…

The Heart of the Sigil of Nodens is identical with the Mark of the Beast: (X), the fusion of O and X which produces the lightning flash. Nodens is the God of the Great Deep or Abyss, microcosmically identical with subconsciousness. He reigns over the Abyss and controls and harnesses its lightnings. "Flashed forth as lightning from the depths" describes the act involved in the establishing of the Scat. The Seat of Stone is Isis, and upon this foundation the Goddess is established and rules the heavens, the earth and the deeps beneath the earth. In other words, the Goddess who grants all desires is invoked by the union of the X and the O (the Phallus and the Kteis), the Scat being the vehicle of her power.

Isis is therefore her vehicle, for Isis bears the fire of Nodens within her womb, and her vehicle in the macrocosm is the transplutonic planet known to occult tradition also as Isis.”

Isis, the goddess connected wih Osiris and Horus. Known also as Columbia, the Virgin Mary and Our Lady of - well, pretty much wherever you happen to be where somebody nearby is believed to have witnessed a manifestation of the goddess.

We see in the promotional image the Pope stepping across the arc from the yellow to the white. He's crossing the arc, which means this is a ritual crossing of the circle, the union of the XO. In his stance and position relative to the circle of the pre-Columbian disk, you can extend the lines through his legs to where they intersect the circumference of the disk. He is thereby crossing that circle too, and by crossing it on the circumference he's making a very potent instance. Another instance of crossing the circumference of a circle is illustrated by extending the ascenders of the letter A of, PASO.

See also how he eclipses part of the letter, O, in, PASO. This is yet another crossing of the circle.

These multiple instances strengthen the ritual magick that they believe establishes the celestial throne of the goddess, and since it cannot be denied that they have the spiritual authority in this season, their faith is well rewarded by the god of this age.

The role of the goddess in drawing all men and women together as one is concealed in the language of the Papal mission.

“The logo of the Journey contains the motto of the Pope’s Apostolic Journey: “Let’s take the first step” [Demos el primer paso]. A message accompanying the logo says the words refer to "the more than 50 years of violence" which divided Colombia. The message goes on to say the logo represents the Pope’s visit 'with the image of the Holy Father walking, as a symbol of action, taking a step to begin to build and to dream, because every change begins with the conversion of the heart (individual) and every change requires a moment to return to encountering one another (collective). It is the moment in our history to discover our identity as a country, which is reflected in the depiction of Colombia’s pre-Columbian figure.'” (Pope Francis is making an Apostolic Journey to Columbia)

Some folks believe that it's always a good thing to come together as one in harmonious unity, but it really depends upon the motivation and goal.

19 And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies assembled to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His army. 20 And the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image; these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone. 21 And the rest were killed with the sword which came from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse, and all the birds were filled with their flesh. ~ Revelation 19:19-21

Those who assembled to make war certainly came together, and this is ultimately where the deceitful rebel goddess is leading, and the one who occupies the office of Pope as the false prophet, of verse 20.

The antichrist Nimrod and company had the same motivation to unite in the building of the city and tower of Babel.

4 They said, “Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.” 5 The Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. 6 The Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them. ~ Genesis 11:4-6

You're familiar with what happened next, right? They had a major setback because they were scattered across the earth and separated by a multiplicity of languages.

Prior to the Flood of Noah, some angels of a class known as Watchers rebelled and descended upon Mount Herman. They bound themselves together by the swearing of an oath, or mutual imprecations.

1. And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied that in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters. 2. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and lusted after them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us choose us wives from among the children of men and beget us children.' 3. And Semjâzâ, who was their leader, said unto them: 'I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this deed, and I alone shall have to pay the penalty of a great sin.' 4. And they all answered him and said: 'Let us all swear an oath, and all bind ourselves by mutual imprecations not to abandon this plan but to do this thing.' 5. Then sware they all together and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. 6. And they were in all two hundred; who descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. ~ Enoch 6:1-6

Compare that to Genesis 6, because this union inspired by the first rebel angel resulted in the corruption that made the purging flood of Noah's day necessary for the preservation of the line of Adam in the earth, through which the messianic promise of salvation and the restoration of all things would be fulfilled.

Here's the good kind of unity, which is contrary to that which comes through the rebel angels in the agency of the goddess.

1 Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called, 2 with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love, 3 being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 4 There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling; 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism, 6 one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all. ~ Ephesians 4:1-5

That's the good stuff, the most excellent kind!

Pope Francis intends “to make his Apostolic Trip to Colombia from 6 to 11 September 2017, visiting the cities of Bogotá, Villavicencio, Medellín and Cartagena.” It is notable that the holy day on the Satanic Ritual Abuse calendar known as the Marriage to the Beast will be celebrated on the 7th of September. The kinds of activities that will be engaged in are those that are associated with the pre-Columbian image featured in the Pope's promotional imagery. The Marriage to the Beast involves the ancient practices of sexual sacrifice and dismemberment. Dismemberment is often for the ritual practice of cannibalism.

Just like we pointed out with the Fátima promotion, the arrangement of the words of the motto produces several instances of the naming of the sun god that Catholics worship. They say, Jesus, but which one do they mean? The one who goes by the alias, Ra, or Re, whose identity is strengthened by the sunny yellow motif.

You can see in the pre-Columbian disk the form of the square inside the circle. As the squaring of the circle that is seen in connection with the square and compass of Freemasonry, this signals ritual sodomy, a key practice of the Catholic and Jesuit priesthood, as it must also have been with the pre-Columbians. The form also signals space and time, which is emphasized by the hourglass figure of the opposing triangles in the center.

You can see obfuscated numbers inside the circled areas. There's a 6 and a mirror and a 3 and a mirror, producing 66 and 33. It's what we call Code 33, which definitely involves ritual sodomy illumination, and Code 66, the Abyss, which resonates with the god Nodens and the lightning that flashes forth from the Abyss at the union of the X and O. The signaling of the abyss is emphasized in the context because of the two big circles. Each circle transforms into a 6 through the round letter O (15th letter, and 1+5=6). Circle Circle = 66. As Pope Frances steps through he is ritually crossing the Abyss. The nested concentric squares presents a familiar stargate image, and with that observation, here's a notable connection. We've written extensively on the subject of the sodomite gateway. The act of crossing the abyss is the magician's greatest work, according to Aleister Crowley. When a magician is initiated into the 11th degree of the OTO, they are ritually sodomized by everyone in attendance. The pope is crossing the abyss, which is to say, being sodomized by everyone in attendance. This ceremony is an Illuminati initiation. The Illuminati is also known as, The Circle. Pope Francis is crossing the Abyss, entering into The Circle, of white light. Think about it.

Adjacent to both the 33 and the 66 mirrored pairs you'll find the spiral triangle forms that are now familiar to many as the pedophile's BLogo, the Boy Love Logo.

The Pope and Pedophelia? There's a not-so-novel connection!

The form of the swastika is concealed in the pre-Columbian image. It's seen more easily when the disk is mirrored like this to expose the entire form. The swastika is an ancient symbol linked to sun worship, and some claim it is a magickal symbol given to man by the fallen angels. There's a probable Nazi connection in that the Pope (aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio) hails from Argentina, the country that was a refuge for many high ranking Nazi Party officials who fled there after WWII. Evidence suggests that Adolph Hitler himself was there, and the Vatican had to have known about it because they were involved with the ratlines. Ratlines also led to Columbia, where Pope Francis is going on his journey.

Those of you who are gaining familiarity with the interpretations we offer for the imagery, you see the consistency and it speaks loudly about the reality of the control wielded over the spell-bound masses. We want to encourage you to take this to the Lord in prayer, expressing your gratitude for His opening your eyes to see and ears to hear.

The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The Lord has made both of them ~ Proverbs 20:12

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

WAR, Supply Lines and the calm before the storm

We get many kinds of signs, and WAR is trending hard. Obviously, there's the saber rattling between nations that continues to make the news, but the WAR theme trending goes beyond that. We appear to be in something of a calm before the storm. We don't have anything to add to that, with regard to what's coming but, Lord willing, we'll report any updates.

One strategy in war is to cut off the enemy's supply lines. With no supplies the ability to fight drops off. I can tell you that our own supply lines have been nearly completely cut off. This is surely a sign of war, alongside the others. The last check we received in the mail was over seven weeks ago. We received an online donation today of about $95, after PayPal's cut, but that's the first online donation since February 9, which was just over a hundred dollars. This is my only, repeat, only source of income. Toward the end of last year, donations declined dramatically. That's the report from the "front lines." The strategy of cutting the supply line is an effective strategy. So far, we've been able to stay in the fight but we're just about in crisis, financially. Again. Pray for us and please keep those who support us financially in prayer.

Our intense focus on producing video in the PizzaGate video series was interrupted by the Lord's direction to return to a subject that deals very specifically with war on the ultimate front line. This has received almost our full attention. You may recall our addressing the role of the Great Pyramid during the video series on Time Travel and Sodomite Programming. We introduced this as a time weapon while decoding The Lake House, and the Lord directed us to pick up where we left off and move in this direction. This touches directly on our roles in the time wars, and we don't know how many others might be involved. We realize that, to most, this sounds absurd - and we're okay with that. We are eager to share what we can, as soon as we can. Pray for us, as the Lord may lead. The endeavor is quite overwhelming. We feel so under-equipped in so many ways, and we are calling upon the Lord for His ready help. We are very aware that we have never been adequate for the job at hand, yet, the Lord's mercy and grace are more than sufficient - and we rejoice in confidence that His victory is assured.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Lego Batman Movie - "HARD ON CRIME - EASY ON THE EYE"

All is not as it seems in Gotham City.

I listened to an interview recently where Freeman Fly commented about watching the Lego Batman Move and that it was filled with the promotion of gay agendas. Web search: lego batman movie gay and you'll find links that support that observation, as the mocking sodomite God-hating media mind-control machinery strives to quench the notion. We haven't seen the movie, but here's something relevant, a sign seen in a screenshot from the film.


"hard on" crime is committed by a criminal with an erection. Think, sexual assault, rape, flashing or sexting.

"EASY ON THE EYE" Instead of seeing this as an idiom for being physically attractive, see it as a reference to the Horus Eye, which was so much the thing in the Egyptian city of, On, a.k.a. Heliopolis. To be "easy on the eye" is to be favorably inclined toward the Horus Eye - the anus. That's implied because of the connection with the "hard on" crime.

The sign suggests that Batman is a sodomite.

Now where would they get that idea? The original series occasionally feature scenes where Batman and Robin scale the side of a building. There was usually a celebrity making a cameo appearance through a nearby window, which the producers leveraged to linger on the scene. Their positioning suggests that Robin, who seems to be on top is actually the sodomite Bottom.

Here's a telling scene from Season 1 of that TV series, 1966. There's a party at Wayne Manor, a rehearsal for a charity event where the attraction is sexual.

Batman's great-grandfather founded Skull and Bones

A man is asking Aunt Harriet Cooper about a picture of Bruce Wayne's ancestor, seen with a football (as poop) in a Yale shirt. "I understand he was tapped for Skull and Bones." She replies proudly, "Tapped for it? Sir, he founded Skull and Bones!" In the scene where another man had just used innuendo in his conversation with Bruce Wayne, they do the same, using language that refers to sexual intercourse. To be tapped is to be sodomized, in the context.

Yale's Skull and Bones is infamous, and rumors of their "secret" initiation rites suggest what we know is the practice of the illumined elite.

The clip is from the 33rd episode of the series - which speaks of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. Code 33, on one level, describes the numeral as an ideogram of a couple engaging in sodomy. The iconic Batman logo conceals a pair of 3s, traced under the wings.

The name of the episode 33 is, Fine Finny Friends. The triple F is a FFF or 666 signal, because F is the 6th letter. Mark of the Beast. Revelation 13:18. The year of the show, 1966, supports that numbering with 966 being equivalent to 666, with the reflection of the 9 as 6.

Where do you think the inspiration for these these innuendo-filled Kia commercials comes from?

Blake Griffin Force 2014 Kia Optima UVO Parking Minder TV Commercial Ft Jack McBrayer

Kia Optima Commercial staring Blake Griffin and Jack McBrayer "Fire Extinguisher" -- Kia of Irvine

"Richard. CUM ON" ... "A HUGE crime"

If you were following the Time Travel Sodomy series of videos, the Griffin-as-dimensional transiting creature will identify what they mean by the Griffin Force.

These things are not present for the sake of our amusement. They are signs of the mind-control programming that literally captivates the ignorant, that you and I are being preyed upon continually. We pray this is less and less you, and those you love. The Lord Jesus Christ, Y'shua haMashiach has a better way. Seek it. Seek it for all you're worth because HE is worth your best effort!

Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Pope Francis Kind of Love

Pope Francis recently had an opportunity to make a public statement about where he stood with regard to pedophilia.

Pope Francis Under Fire After Quietly Reducing Punishment for Pedophile Priests

Some felt betrayed, but since this is one of the means of maintaining his own status quo, could he be expected to do otherwise?

Those who can interpret the Occult imagery used by the church don't need to look far to see the sign of sodomy that attends the pedophila, copraphagy, human sacrifice, sorcery and mind control programming. We've exposed many similar images over the years, where the stylized heart represents the butt. Many of them take this familiar form, where the anus is called out in the design. The cross of the rosary is the X that marks the spot. The anus is identified as the rose or rosebud rosette of the rosary.

The Rosary is associated with the goddess, and the gesture being made by the Pope in the featured photo is her sign, the W of the bent elbow dancing bee goddess known as "Easter," Ishtar or Inanna - aka, Our Lady of Fatima. The sign is also a Horus hand sign, referencing the esoteric version of the 47th Problem of Euclid.

The anus is known to the Illumined as the Eye of Horus, and this is emphasized in the Occult design by having the cross dot the "i" in, Francisco. When the dot of an "i" is stylized it signals the homonym "i" or "Eye" of Horus.

The imagery of the cross positioned in the heart and dotting the "i" is redundant, which adds potency to the symbol magick, and also serves to verify that the symbolism of the anus is intended by the graphic.

By placing the square cross sign where a round hole is implied, they are effectively "squaring the circle," a symbol of ritual sodomy.

A crucifix is sometimes used by an Illuminati handler to sodomize a victim, and this is referred to as "the Peace of Mary." Because of the context, we know this is what is specifically in view, the Peace of Mary, with the foul graphic of the crucifix inserted into the anus. The Pope's trip to Fatima is all about Mary, called, Our Lady of Fatima.

He's planning to visit that shrine in Portugal where it is claimed that the Virgin Mary appeared in 1917, a century earlier. The thousands of witnesses gave varying reports of what happened, but it can't really be denied that some supernaturalism was manifest. One thing we can be certain of is that it was not the manifestation of the woman who gave birth to my Lord Y'shua. The event involved an impostor, an angelic fraud, the same kind of demonic spirit that engages the Luciferian illumined in the Peace of Mary and inspires posters like the one for Papa Francisco's visitation of Our Lady of Fatima.

The anus is also known as the Eye of Horus, or, the Eye of Ra. The name of the god, Ra, is emphasized in the title, with the RA of F-RA-ncisco being supported by the way they stacked Papa above it, which adds another RA connecting to the A above the R. If you don't think this is relevant, take a step back and consider the object that occupies the exalted position in the Vatican's St. Peter's Square. I count eleven more namings of Ra and the alternate, Re, in the other stacked lines of the poster. The name of Pan is embedded in "Papa" over "Francisco" in another cross-line spelling that can take 2 routes, which makes it redundant. Pan is the god that Aleister Crowley identified with the Devil in Chapter 15 of The Book of Lies.

To learn more about the significance of Fatima, we recommend this study on The titled, The Sign of the Queen of Heaven.

Here's a painting of the Jesuit that we think Pope Francis took his name from, St. Francis Xavier. When an Occultist crosses his hands he's saying that you have to cross the meaning, invert or flip it. The heart with the cross stuck into the anus is therefore a reference to the one seen in heaven, where he's giving the divinity the Peace of Mary. The IHS + cross is, of course, the scatalogical reference - SHI - t. "Fire in the hole!"

Here's a picture of fake (antichrist) Jesus with the heart-butt motif and the Peace of Mary. May we suggest a fitting caption? "Fire in the hole!" Check out his hand sign. GODDESS! Peace of Mary.

This kind of butt and sodomy imagery is not unique to the Vatican and or to the Jesuit church, although it does have a central role in their iconography because it is key to their illuminated status and essential in the worship of the sun gods. Martin Luther, former Catholic Priest, is considered to be the father of the Protestant reformation. He adopted this symbol, called Luther's Rose, which remains to this day as the iconic logo of the Lutheran Church.

The Seventh-Day Adventist church identifies itself with the Peace of Mary. Fire in the hole! One should also see in this logo the redundant signaling of Code 33, and the ancient winged sun disk. The place from which the fire emanates is spelled out for us beginning with the A in, Adventist. Rising on the path to the "eternal flame," we pick up the next letter, the S in, Seventh. The final S is obfuscated in the flame that wraps around the sphere or disk.

Like Mother, like Daughter - of Babylon.

Here's a promotional image of a Bible version called the Passion Translation, which echoes the embedding of the Seventh Day Adventist Church logo. Fire in the hole!

The society or order of the Rose-Cross, aka Rosicrucians, adopted this illuminated sodomite iconography.

So did the Quakers, with this image crafted by the Lutheran mystic, Jakob Böhme.

Do you find these images offensive? Really, you should! Yet, let it speak to you about the "secret" religion of the global elite, not just the religious institutions represented, and about their nature.

Is anything what it seems? That depends. Are you seeing things as you were taught and programmed, as the majority sees things? Or, are you seeing as through the eyes of the Lord Y'shua, from the perspective of The One who knows the end from the beginning?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ash Wednesday - 2017

Ash Wednesday this year 2017 falls on the 1st of March. This annual ritual is when "the faithful" of "the Mother Church" receive a mark on their foreheads. There's a cover story for the practice that should be recognized as an engaging collection of lies that serves to obscure the dark reality of what is really meant. If you can interpret the symbolism of and schedule of the celebration, it becomes apparent that this activity is ritual preparation for what the Bible refers to as the mark of the Beast.

And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, ~ Revelation 13:16

The ash-marking ritual is celebrated on the Catholic liturgical calendar 46 days before Easter Sunday to identify it with the number of chromosomes in our bodies. The DNA transformation implicit in the mark of the Beast will begin with the 46 chromosome body and through supernatural transformation result in something akin to an "Easter Sunday" bodily resurrection! This liturgical calendar is entirely pagan, with Easter being only Christian in its veneer, like Christmas. The Lord Y'shua was actually raised on the weekly Shabbat during Pesah, so any pretense of honoring the Lord by observing a "Resurrection Sunday" alongside the pagans is done in ignorance according to the same practice of the Romish Papal mother church.

Consider these observations noted in the study linked below. Where the mark is put signifies the mark of the Beast. Who makes and applies it fits the mark of the Beast. The mark made with the ash signifies the Beast. The ash and its composition signify the mark of the Beast. Even when Ash Wednesday is celebrated points to the mark of the Beast.

See Ash Wednesday - A Fourth-Day Ritual Prefiguring the Mark of the Beast.

See also:
Part 26 - Rango - The Ash Wednesday Mass
Part 27 - Rango - Lent Begins with Ash Wednesday

May the Truth be a fresh and enduring blessing to you and those you love.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Russian Version of The Open Scroll - Launched!

We're very pleased to be able to announce that the effort to present The Open Scroll in other languages is bearing fruit. You can find the Russian version Home page here. You'll notice that all 3 parts of "Who is Cain's Father are presented, with associated files that includes images. The first pages to be translated represent a very challenging set, in several ways. We are satisfied that it is a good start.

Two Interactive studies were done in conjunction with this work. With the addition of these Russian Synodal Version (RUSV) presentations, this brings the total to four languages in the collection. If this phenomenon of the thematic symmetry was limited to the Greek and Hebrew, that would already be an awesome thing. The fact that this feature transmits through translation makes it all the more awesomely inspiring! The Author's fingerprints are all over His holy scriptures!

The work of translation began recently when a young man from Belarus contacted us. Vladislav had been reseaching Pizzagate and, at some point, found and began to watch our videos. The Lord Y'shua was drawing him through that work and Vladislav was brought to salvation! We rejoice with him in this adventure in glorious newness of life! Vladislav asked if he could translate The Open Scroll into Russian, and we felt that this was the Lord's leading.

If you are so inspired, please mention brother Vladislav in prayer as you may be led.

1 Now after this the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them in pairs ahead of Him to every city and place where He Himself was going to come. 2 And He was saying to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. 3 Go; behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves. Luke 10:1-3

Today, as then, we see the harvest as plentiful. And, we still see those of us who are sent as lambs in the midst of wolves. The Lord of the harvest is the one who is responsible for the harvest, and the laborers in His harvest field. We, like those 70, depend on the Lord for His timely provision for His harvest. Pray as led. We would like to see the fruit of this labor multiply in blessing to Vladislav and his family and to all those whom the Lord may be pleased to draw in this work.

If you are inspired to help in some way, as the Lord may so lead and provide, please send email to me, Bob, at